My Feelings Tool Kit Magnetic Resources...

Young people love magnets.  As I watch my niece delight in moving magnets around on the fridge it occurred to me that magnets could have a part to play in making the exploration of feelings and emotions a fun and interactive experience.

I have been asked many times to put a resource together for child therapists to use and wanted to come up with something that could be used at home too.

As always I am keen to unsure that our resources are affordable.  I decided to create a resource pack where the individual products can be bought separately.  To keep the purchase price as low as possible I have left the magnetic board out of the pack......why? 

Because magnet boards are available on the market from £5 - £100 and in the absence of a magnetic board...the fridge can be used.

Every child is unique.....every situation is I have left it with you to choose your unique board, should you wish to use one.

The Incredible 5 Point Scale...

The Incredible 5-Point Scale is a visual strategy on a coloured scale that helps people with or without with autism learn about regulating emotions.  Sometimes children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ASD seem to go from calm to meltdown very quickly. 

The idea of the scale tool is to help people with ASD tto understand their emotions and put them in processing their feelings.

The 5 Point Scale is also used to teach strategies for managing difficult emotions.  As difficult emotions can range from just about any social interaction, the tool can be used in many ways.

We have lots of ideas for using the Incredible 5 Point Scale....visit our free downloads are, there may be a resource that you find useful.

Audiology...sneak peak...

Audiology...sneak peak...

A request came in last week for a card for audiology...we thought it might be useful to have a little set to build a story with.

I couldn't resist a giving you a sneak peak...this little set will be ready to go on sale early next week...

My Hospital Stay... sneak peak...

My Hospital Stay... sneak peak...

We had a request in for a set of cards that will help to prepare a scared little girl for her blood test, tummy scan, operation and short stay in hospital.

We have started drawing a little set and thought that we would give you a sneak peak and the opportunity to there anything that you would find really useful?

Welcome to Our New Store....

Welcome to our new site.
We are working as fast as we can to complete collection and give you a good detailed description for each and every product.
In the meantime.....thank you so much for your patience.

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