My Feelings Tool Kit Magnetic Resources...

Young people love magnets.  As I watch my niece delight in moving magnets around on the fridge it occurred to me that magnets could have a part to play in making the exploration of feelings and emotions a fun and interactive experience.

I have been asked many times to put a resource together for child therapists to use and wanted to come up with something that could be used at home too.

As always I am keen to unsure that our resources are affordable.  I decided to create a resource pack where the individual products can be bought separately.  To keep the purchase price as low as possible I have left the magnetic board out of the pack......why? 

Because magnet boards are available on the market from £5 - £100 and in the absence of a magnetic board...the fridge can be used.

Every child is unique.....every situation is I have left it with you to choose your unique board, should you wish to use one.

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